It's Federal Law that every restaurant manager and employee across the nation be trained in safety, health, and security, and be compliant with OSHA (see your OSHA wall poster).  Restaurant OSHA Safety & Security wants to make it as fast, easy, and affordable as possible to get an entire restaurant team trained, tested, and certified, because we love safe restaurants.

This curriculum took us 1,000 hours to create.  You are required by law to have some sort of program like this.  Why would you spend countless hours and dollars creating your own when you could just use ours?

Restaurant OSHA Safety & Security:


The Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security textbook is THE book of best practices and industry standards for restaurants.  Whether you are a restaurant owner, manager, or executive, this book contains critical information on how to run your business safely and effectively, all while complying with OSHA and other industry standards. A must-have for the office of any restaurant. Click here to order.


Management Level Workbook:


The Manager Workbook contains everything that a restaurant owner, manager, or executive needs to fully complete the Restaurant OSHA Management Level Course. It's chock full of training content, all specifically tailored to the unique demands of being in a management position in a restaurant. Inside, you'll find quizzes, answer keys, a final exam, and a certificate of completion. Call 800.300.5764 to order.

Employee Level Workbook:


Just like the Manager Workbook, the Employee Workbook contains everything an individual needs to complete the Restaurant OSHA Course, but this time it is specifically targeted at the employees of restaurants everywhere.  It's available in both the English and Spanish languages, and comes fully equipped with quizzes, answer keys, a final exam, and a certificate of completion. Call 800.300.5764 to order.

Online Courses:

You can take both the Management Level and Employee Level courses online as well! This format is perfect for fitting training into a busy schedule.  We also offer bundled packages, so you can get your whole staff trained for less! Click here to see our online content.

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